Thursday, May 10, 2007

5 Smart Ways to Improve Page Rankings - Part 1

The majority of todays experts agree that web pages have to be search engine friendly to improve your search engine rankings. You must start with a well designed page with relevant web copy. This is crucial. Doing this properly will help the search engines easily index your web pages and rank them high.

In addition to internal page factors such as frequency and positioning of relevant keyword phrases, the leading search engines are now recommending that you place more importance on off the page factors, particularly links from other domains.

If you are bent on working with Google then you need to understand that Google ranks individual urls based on which other urls link to them, which urls link to those and so on.

You must carefully choose the terms you want to use to include as the most productive search terms for your site. Consider carefully terms that associate with the correct targeted visitors for your site. Place these terms in the search engines and find out what pages rank near the top for them. These pages should be on your list if you want to link to them.

Once you've completed this step now find which pages are linked to these sites and put them on your list as well. If you are able to get links from any of these sites then you will be able to dramatically improve your ranking on Google and other search engines.

In summary here are the key steps to always follow:

  • Improve your Link Popularity
  • Carefully consider your Metatags and Keywords/Phrases
  • Write a persuasive Home Page
  • Use Clickthroughs and Affiliate Programs for better ranking
  • Submit a Site Map

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