Thursday, May 10, 2007

Attention Website Owners - You DON'T Want Hits To Your Site!

Imagine an internet where you could pay someone you found on EBay, $9.99 and get 10,000 hits to your site. Is that possible? Sure, it happens every day. But guess what, those hits are USELESS! Rub those dollar signs out of your eyes and realize that profitable web traffic is not something you can buy on EBay for under $10; profitable web traffic takes time and effort to acquire.

Experienced web marketers know that it’s not about the number of users that hit your site; it’s about the intent of those users. Ten thousand hits, is nowhere near as valuable as 100 targeted visitors. A targeted visitor has a reason for being at your site. They’re there because they want to get something from your site. That something could be free information, it may be a product review or maybe they’re looking to buy one of those new High Definition TV’s that you stock.

So where’s the best place to get Targeted Visitors?
Search engines of course. A targeted visitor arrives at your site because your site was “recommended” by a search engine. That “recommendation” creates a very subtle picture within your users mind that your site is an authority on the topic that they’re interested in. That “recommendation” pre-sells the visitor to what you have to offer. With traffic like this your job is to not disappoint the visitor. They’re looking for something specific; you need to make sure they see it.

So what’s the key to getting targeted traffic?
The key is the keyphrase. The keyphrases you choose to optimize for is what will make or break your SEO efforts. You want to focus on exactly what your potential customer is looking for. Keep in mind, the Internet is NOT like your local mall, where people like to go window shopping for hours on end. No, the typical web surfer wants to get and get out. They want to find what they’re looking for and take action. The keyphrases you select need to reflect that mentality.

The rule of thumb with keyphrase selection is narrow and focused. Targeted visitors are not searching for “Real Estate” they’re searching for “Two Bedroom Condo in South Beach”. See the difference? A targeted visitor is simply further along in the buying process. They’ve probably already done their “window shopping” and now they’re ready to move to the next step.

Keep in mind, the number of people searching for each of these “Long Tail Keyphrases” is low, but there is so many of these phrases and they are so targeted that you probably won’t need that many hits from each one. Just make sure you can supply whatever it is that the visitor is searching for.

Finally, the truly amazing thing about all this is that those “long tail keyphrases” are not only more profitable, they’re easier to optimize for. You see, there’s just less competition. Fewer people competing against you mean it’s quicker and easier to rank well for those phrases. So don’t get bogged down with the number of “hits” to your site. Focus on getting targeted visitors and you’ll be fine.

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