Thursday, May 10, 2007

Meta Tags Optimization

It would be unwise to leave out Meta keyword tags or Meta description tags from your web page even though these are not the main factors that search engines employ when ranking your site. The meta description tag supplies a brief as well as concise summary of the contents of your web page while the meta keyword tag supplies a summary list of the words on your web page that are of much importance. Both of these forms of Meta tags help in making it easy to use the Web.

It has become quite common for webmasters to abuse the use of Meta tags in order to get higher search engine rankings. This is unfortunate and has led search engines to alter the emphasis given in their algorithms when ranking websites. It is thus important for you to know how to write proper Meta tags that you get the very best and legal search engine rankings.

When writing Meta description tags it is essential for you to not use more than one hundred and seventy characters and the content that you use must conform to that one on your web page. There are different sources available to guide you in writing proper Meta description tags including LookSmart, and Open Directory. You really should have your description stick closely to W3C standards and the description should be closely related to the content on your web page.

Also take care when writing Meta keyword tags to include those words that will be present on the web page since its purpose is to provide summary of the important keywords present on your Website page or document. It is also possible to use Meta tag generators to simplify as well as build useful Meta tags for your Website and thus gets higher search engine rankings. However keep in mind that these Meta Tag generators will never outperform a professional search engine optimization consultant.

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