Thursday, May 10, 2007

Building Links for Google Rankings

The focus of your marketing should always be on Google because it controls the most traffic. To this end, building links for Google rankings is a tricky matter.

A simple fact of life, is Google will not rank a new site for six to nine months. This is an automated delay mechanism, so there isn't much you can do about it. If you have a new site, you need to accomplish a lot of link building during this period. The idea is to build as many links to your site, as you can during the first four months. Since you are not going to have rankings anyway, the speed at which you build links is irrelevant.

As you approach the end of the delay period, you need to start taking into account the speed at which you obtain links for your site. In practical terms, you need to slow down. Google is hypersensitive to the speed at which you acquire links. Simply put, the engine will downgrade your site if you are acquiring links too quickly. The reason for this is Google wants to see naturally acquired inbound links.

If you are acquiring the links too quickly, Google will “think” you are going out and buying links or using some other method to falsely acquire links. In general, you should try to build only 20 to 50 links a month depending on the site you have. Some will need more, but most will need to stick to this guideline.

Obviously, this slow pace of link building can take some time. There is no disputing the fact search engine optimization simply takes time. The longer you work at it, the better the results. The first six months or so can be brutal, so make sure to use a pay-per-click platform to generate business in the interim.

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