Thursday, May 10, 2007

Some Tips to Be Indexed in Google

On internet marketing and SEO are some myths about how to be indexed by Google faster, and easier; some are facts, other are just myths, I will try to write some tips to help you in order to be indexed by Google.

The first thing you need to be sure before try to submit your website to Google, it’s to be fully optimized in order to make the process easiest to be found by the spiders.

The next step its do add some content to your site, the content need to be fresh, original, unique and of course the content will contain the keywords you already choose for your website.

Then I recommend to have ready to be add to your site at least other 10 or 15 articles, in order to assure new content the next days, and Google can check the content was already updated in regular basis. Try to add the content 3 times a day in different hours in order to attract Google’s spiders, if your site it’s a blog, add the content and make a ping immediately.

Out there some rumors are running about if you submit your website directly to Google, the indexed process will be lasting forever or at least will take a lot of time, but I don’t think this it’s true, because Google it’s asking about it, I suppose if they don’t want to index sites by this method they delete the option from their own system.

I use the service and work very well, because I do it with a Blog, the blogs are so much easier to be listed, because you can publish new content instantly and can make pings and social bookmarks in just seconds.

Google loves blogs, because as I say before, you can add content instantly, receive comments in minutes (the comments are taken as more content) and you can have more incoming links from social bookmarks, the blogs are updated in regular basis more easily than an html website, you can add great plugins to help you in all these tasks, and make it correctly, easiest and faster.

Of course if you have another website with good traffic and a good PR you can make a link to your new website and then the spider will notice your site in less time.

If your website is not a blog, you can buy a link from any links for sale service, you can buy or request to link for you to any website with a 5 PR or higher and you will be listed by Google faster, you can request or buy the link for a month and you will be listed in less than this time, and off course you can get traffic from that link too.

Another Google’s index myth is you need to hire some professional service in order to do it faster, I do this one time and don’t work for me, the company offer to be indexed in 20 days or my money back, my site was not indexed and they return my money, they tell me my site was not indexed because the domain was banned by Google, I really don’t believe this excuse and I continue working with my site, 2 months latter I was indexed for my self, I think I just lost my time with this service, that was the domain I last more to be indexed, my next websites was indexed in days, not months.

One more myth is if you add Adsense to your site, Google will ignore your site or delay the index process, I don’t think so, my 3 last websites was indexed within days and all of them include Adsense blocks working and making me earn money.

Another myth its about you need to be indexed in Dmoz before to be indexed on Google, that’s not true, right now Dmoz are taking so much time only to review your site and admitted than Google do it without Dmoz..

As you can see, there are so many theories about Google index process, but the key to do it is with a fully optimized website and good, fresh and unique content.

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