Thursday, May 10, 2007

Five Tips for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a topic that people take very seriously. Good SEO techniques can generate nice profits for the web site owner, while poor techniques can create a web site that earns little or no income. Below are five tips that will help web site owners boost their search engine ranks.

1.) There are many ways to code a web site, but every web site should take advantage of techniques that promote good SEO. Among these things are placing a robots.txt file in the root directory of the web site, title phrases that describe the content of the pages, header tags, meta tags, and using the alt keyword appropriately (alt = “picture description here”).

2.) When coding hyperlinks, use descriptive words and or phrases as the link text. This helps the search engine better understand what the link links to, and provides a nice map to the related content.

3.) Create a site map for the web site. By including a site map, the search engine has a map of where the content is and what the content is about. This makes it much easier on the search engine when caching the web site.

4.) Keep content fresh. Search engines love fresh and unique content. Keeping content fresh ensures that the search engine won’t think the web site is outdated or abandoned.

5.) Use link exchanges in moderation. Using link exchanges allows for the web site to gain valuable incoming-links. These links in turn help the web site get cached.

Although the above tips have been around awhile, web designers and owners often forget about them. By keeping these tips fresh in the mind at all times, the web site owner can be assured that they will have a web site that is an earner and instead of an alligator.

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