Thursday, May 10, 2007

What Is Google Sandbox And How To Avoid Sandbox Effect?

Google Sandbox is the latest buzz among the webmasters. There is still no official confirmation from google whether such a thing exists or not. The sandbox effect started when google released an update couple of years ago. Sandbox is the biggest worry for new websites.

The sandbox effect is a theory that newly created websites are placed in sandbox rather than in the index of google until such time is deemed appropriate before a ranking can commence. This means that the newly created websites will not rank for highly competitive keywords until a specific period of time around 9 months. Not all the sites go into sandbox. There are many sites that escape from sandbox and get into google index within a week. It all depends on the keyword it targets and the quality of content and inbound links.

Matt Cutts works for quality group in google, specializing in search engine optimizing related issues. Matt once said that there isn’t a sandbox, but the algorithm might affect some sites, under some circumstances, in a way that a webmaster would perceive as being sandboxed.

How to avoid the sandbox effect?

Best way to escape from sandbox is to target less competitive keywords. Websites that get into sandbox are sites which target highly competitive keywords. If you target less competitive keywords or long phrases then your chances of getting sandboxed is very less.

Only newly created domains get into sandbox. So try to buy old domains or domains that have recently expired. This is the easiest technique to avoid google sandbox. Now you can even target highly competitive keywords and google will not sandbox you.

There are also other options like the use of sub-domains and deep linking. Try deep linking strategies. This will make your pages rank well even if your site is sandboxed. Try to get links from edu and gov domains. If you do this your site will earn the trust of google and not be sandboxed.

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